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Handling Patent Opposition Proceedings Docketing in the Europe
Patent opposition proceedings are not uncommon in the EP, but not common enough for most US docketers to get comfortable with. Learn more about the critical dates for docketing a patent opposition in the EP.
Patent Landscaping Analytics and Comparative Patent Owner Analytics
Patent landscaping analytics are relatively inexpensive to obtain and provide a wide range of valuable information to corporate strategists. Learn about the typical forms of landscape analytics and their value in assessing market opportunities and patent risk.
Maximizing IP Rights with Contract Agreements
All companies have contract with third parties. From confidentiality agreements to development agreements to license agreements. This webinar will focus on issues that you need to consider to protect your company.
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Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner

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United Kingdom

London Office
Schwegman Lundberg Woessner, Ltd.
New London House
6 London Street
London EC3R 7LP

United Kingdom

Glasgow Office

Hillington Park Innovation Centre
1 Ainslie Road
Glasgow G52 4RU
United Kingdom

UK Tel.: +44 208 706 0471

US Tel.: 612 373 6968 

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