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Webinar Spotlight: The Docketing Excellence Series

Docketing paralegals, managers, and patent attorneys all know that docketing is a critical function for any successful patent prosecution operation. If not handled properly, docketing can be an area of major risk for law firms and corporations. For this complimentary webinar series, we have pooled together docketing experts and managers from the Schwegman firm, Black Hills IP, and their respective clients to help educate on key docketing challenges and issues and share best practices on how to overcome them. The Docketing Excellence Webinar Series is a free biweekly webinar series that will feature a presentation by a moderator followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.

Click below to register for the next presentation “IP Management System Data Integrity: How to Ruin the Reliability of your IP Data,” on Wednesday, September 28 (1:00 PM CT).  The  webinar will include Zhakalazky Carrion (Docketing Manager at Schwegman), Mary O’Malley (Patent Program Manager at eBay), and Tyler Nasiedlak (Principal Attorney at Schwegman and former VP and Chief Patent Counsel at Boston Scientific).

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