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2012 Supplement is out for the Electronic and Software Patents treatise, published by BNA in cooperation with AIPLA

For those not already familiar with it, this treatise, of which I am a coauthor along with Stephen Durant and Ann McCrackin, is is a step-by-step strategy guide that helps practitioners deal with today’s lightning-paced technological developments, changes in USPTO policy, and pivotal court rulings. Many leading practicioners in the software and electronics patent field contribute to this treatise.

The new 2012 Cumulative Supplement offers important updates and also provides discussion on:

Inspection of the America Invents Act and its effect on the prior user defense
Strategies for writing the specification in view of Mayo v. Prometheus
Tips for targeting an application to a desired Technology Center or Art Unit at the USPTO
Guidance as to which factors may be considered in determining whether a process claim falls into the “abstract idea” exception
Interpretations of Bilski and post-Bilski Federal Circuit cases
Review of the decision in Ultramercial LLC v. Hulu, LLC for method claims requiring complex programming to implement an invention
Analysis of the outcome in Dealertrack v. Huber for computer-aided method claims that fail to specify any level of computer involvement
Examination of the result in Cybersource Corp. v. Retail Decisions for process claims that recite a computer readable medium
Interpretation of the Federal Circuit’s attempt to preserve subject matter scope in CLS Bank Int’l v. Alice Corp.

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