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An interesting patent owner: The NSA!

One of the more interesting patent owners you will find is the National Security Agency.  Patent Buddy shows that there are 288 patents owned at least in part by the NSA.  In general, the NSA and its collaborators have only filed a few patents each year, which is a tiny number in relation to the likely amount spent on technology each year.  At least in the last decade, tt appears that a good number of these patents are joint filings with companies or research institutions working in collaboration with the NSA, suggesting that the NSA has provided some funding for public research or commercial technology projects that afforded the NSA some ownership interest in any resulting patents.  It does not suggest in any way that the NSA is attempting to patent inventions vital to national security, and it goes without saying that none of the NSA patents would involve sensitive material.  Top cited patents in the NSA portfolio include a number relating to computer technologies.

To view information on the NSA portfolio, visit Patent Buddy:

Top NSA Patents (by citation)

5,418,951Method of retrieving documents that concern the same topic Sep 30, 94 May 23, 95 [G06F] 241
5,937,422Automatically generating a topic description for text and searching and sorting text by topic using the same Apr 15, 97Aug 10, 99 [G06F] 139
5,656,552Method of making a thin conformal high-yielding multi-chip moduleJun 24, 96 Aug 12, 97 [H01L] 76
6,922,774Device for and method of secure computing using virtual machines May 14, 01 Jul 26, 05 [H04K, H04L, G06F] 71
6,298,144Device for and method of detecting motion in an image May 20, 98 Oct 02, 01 [H04N, G06K] 63
6,169,969Device and method for full-text large-dictionary string matching using n-gram hashing Feb 10, 99 Jan 02, 01 [G06F] 63
5,752,051Language-independent method of generating index terms Jul 19, 94 May 12, 98 [G06F] 55
6,013,534Method of thinning integrated circuits received in die form Jul 25, 97 Jan 11, 00 [H01L] 53
5,635,721Apparatus for the liner acceleration of electrons, particularly for intraoperative radiation therapy Sep 15, 95 Jun 03, 97 [H05H, H01J] 50
6,141,755Firewall security apparatus for high-speed circuit switched networks Apr 13, 98 Oct 31, 00 [G06F] 41


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