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Breaking News: Teeth Chatter In Hell – Vatican Funds To Support Stem Cell Research!

The Vatican and the University of Maryland School of Medicine recently announced that the Vatican will contribute about $3M to fund research on stem cells derived from adult intestinal tissue. The funds will be used to support research at the Vatican’s Rome hospital. Of course, the research will not involve embryonic stem cells, and the Pope has had positive things to say in the past about stem cell research limited to “adult stem cells”. Read NPR story.

A map of the patent landscape in this area would have more hills than Rome, (Osiris’ extensive portfolio is based on adult stem cells), so this news may provide a further, somewhat blessed, incentive for you to attend the Stem Cell Patents Webinar on April 28th, that is the subject of the post below.

Three million dollars is not a lot of money as support for this cutting edge research, but it is more than the State of Minnesota has found to support stem cell research, but multipotent adult stems were discovered at the University of Minnesota!


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