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Google Seeks to Acquire Nortel Patents for $900M

As widely reported in the media, Google has tendered a $900M stalking horse bid for the Nortel patent portfolio.  Google, as it ventures outside of its traditional search business, which has a relatively sparse patent landscape, into other technologies like telecommunications infrastructure or devices, is finding that the absence of a patent portfolio makes it a prime target for not only trolls, but direct competitors, with whom Google has relatively little to trade in terms of patents.

Geekwire reports that acquiring the patents would do Google little good, however, against Microsoft.  Microsoft apparently already obtained a license to the portfolio as part of an earlier strategic alliance agreement. 

Here is the link to the Geekwire story:  Google bids $900M for Nortel patents, but Microsoft already has them in the bag

What is most surprising about all the recent patent suits is simply how many of America’s technology giants are aggressively asserting their patents — Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, and more.  Apparently its no more Mr. Nice Guy.

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