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PTAB PRPS Day Three Filings: 2 IPRs and 1 CBM

The PTAB Patent Review Processing System (PRPS) showed postings of 3 more petitions today.  One was an IPR Petitioned by Microsoft against U.S. Pat. 6,757,717, relating to a system for data access in a packet-switched network.  Another was Idle Free Systems, Inc. petitioning for IPR of U.S. Pat. 7,591,303 relating to a vehicle air conditioning and heating method providing engine on and off operation.  The last one was a CBM petition by Interthinx, Inc. against U.S. Pat. 5,361,201, which is a patent relating to real estate appraisal using predictive modeling.  Oddly enough this last CBM filing was dated 9/19/2012 despite the fact that it was well before midnight eastern time when it was observed.

The overall count is now a total of 16 petitions on file of which 12 are IPRs and 4 are CBMs.

Timothy Bianchi

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