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PTO Biotech/Chem/Pharma Customer Partnership Meeting Announced

The USPTO has announced that it will hold a meeting of the Biotechnology/Chemical/Pharmaceutical Customer Partnership on Tuesday, March 2nd, in the Madison Auditorium of the USPTO in Alexandria, VA (agenda attached). You can attend in person or via a link to join online. In the past, I have been less than enthusiastic about these events. From their start in the 90’s, they devolved from small meetings of representatives of IP law user groups with senior Examiners (I met John Doll at one of these meetings) to try to resolve differences in examination policy (e.g., what does per cent sequence identity mean?) to one-day conferences which were mostly consumed by the PTO telling us how great they were (or planned to be in the near future). But this agenda looks like it has some meat on the bones. Topics include reissue, PTA, accelerated examination and synthetic biology. Time to give it another try.

BCP 030210 _Agenda Updated

Accessing the event:

1.    Double click on the link below (or copy it into your internet browser)

2.    Select the “Enter as a Guest” option.

3.    External guests – please login using your email address

       USPTO Employees – please login using your last name, first name

4.    Click on the “Enter Room” button

5.    You will be admitted to the meeting


If you need assistance with login, please contact Darcy Bates at (571) 272-2499 or Carrie Scott at  (571) 272-2992.


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