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Walker Digital Files 15 Patent Suits Against More Than 100 Companies

As reported by PC Magazine (Priceline Founder Goes on Patent Lawsuit Binge, Sues Apple, Google, More), Walker Digital filed 15 patent suits Tuesday against more than 100 companies, including Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, WalMart, Groupon, Apple, Sony and Google.

Look for a post here soon describing the patents.  In the meantime, there is a list of the suits and the patents in each below:

Docket Number(All cases were filed in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware) Case Name Date Filed Patents
1:2011-cv-00311 Walker Digital LLC v. Google Inc. et al 04/11/2011 7801802
1:2011-cv-00315 Walker Digital LLC v. Inc. et al 04/11/2011 7236942
1:2011-cv-00312 Walker Digital LLC v. MasterCard International Incorporated 04/11/2011 60187186434534



1:2011-cv-00320 Walker Digital LLC v. American Airlines Inc. et al 04/11/2011 61381056601036
1:2011-cv-00314 Walker Digital LLC v. Citigroup Inc. et al 04/11/2011 61637717844550
1:2011-cv-00322 Walker Digital LLC v. Activision Blizzard Inc. et al 04/11/2011 59701435768382
1:2011-cv-00318 Walker Digital LLC v. Myspace Inc. et al 04/11/2011 58842705884272
1:2011-cv-00313 Walker Digital LLC v. Facebook Inc. et al 04/11/2011 78314707827056
1:2011-cv-00308 Walker Digital LLC v. Compasslearning Inc. et al 04/11/2011 59477476616458


1:2011-cv-00310 Walker Digital LLC v. Arrow Security Inc. et al 04/11/2011 67209907593033





1:2011-cv-00319 Walker Digital LLC v. e2interactive Inc. et al 04/11/2011 6381582
1:2011-cv-00316 Walker Digital LLC v. Avaya Inc. et al 04/11/2011 64872916222920
1:2011-cv-00309 Walker Digital LLC v. Apple Inc. et al 04/11/2011 6199014
1:2011-cv-00321 Walker Digital LLC v. Ayre Acoustics Inc. et al 04/11/2011 6263505
1:2011-cv-00317 Walker Digital LLC v. BuyWithMe Inc. et al 04/12/2011 62497726754636



1:2011-cv-00326 Walker Digital LLC v. Cannon U.S.A. Inc. et al 04/12/2011 7924323
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