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Personality Rights

Personality rights are generally considered to consist of two types of rights: The right of publicity, or to keep one’s image and likeness from being commercially exploited without permission or contractual compensation. This is similar to the use of a trademark and the right of publicity can survive the death of the individual. The right […]

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Copyright Registration and Marking

Works can be registered with copyright according to the following criteria: The works are likely to be copied The works provide or support commercial value The works are published and available to the public While copyright notice is optional in many jurisdictions, there are compelling reasons to use copyright notice on all copyrightable works owned or […]

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Protecting Copyrightable Works

In some jurisdictions, a registered copyright confers important legal rights that a company can preserve – China and the United States are two such jurisdictions. As such, all important copyrighted works can be registered in China and the United States but special care should be taken in registering any engineering or software works so that trade secrets […]

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Ownership of Copyright

The individual that authors a copyrightable work is the owner of the work. The only two exceptions are: An employee automatically assigns all copyrights to his or her employer. In other words, an employer automatically owns all copyrightable works created by an employee, even in the absence of an agreement. The work is assigned by […]

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