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Responsibilities of the Patent Coordinator

The responsibilities of the patent coordinator can include: Liaison with the outside IP counsel regarding administrative matters. Presenting substantive incidents to the patent manager for decision and response. Tracking deadlines with respect to the patent procurement program. Coordinating internal and external events (e.g., meetings and presentations) pertaining to the patent process. Taking the minutes at […]

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Portfolio Management Database

In order to facilitate the efficient acquisition and use of a company’s patents, the company can have a portfolio management database maintained by outside IP counsel. The database can allow authorized personnel to obtain up-to-date information on the company’s patents and the technologies and products that they protect in each jurisdiction. The patent coordinator can be […]

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Patent Marking

The patent coordinator can be responsible for assuring that company products include appropriate patent marking. The requirements for marking are set forth in the guidelines of this section.

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Status Reports

Outside IP counsel can provide status reports regarding all matters being handled for the company to the patent coordinator on a quarterly basis.

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IP Portal

An IP Portal can be made accessible to employees, including basic educational information regarding IP, as well as tools including the invention disclosure form and submission procedure to facilitate a patent procurement program.

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Inventor Recognition

Inventor recognition is important and can be encouraged at various levels of the company. Recognition may be provided in various ways, at the discretion of a business segment or manager. Where required by local law to remunerate the inventor(s) or perfect ownership of the invention by the company, appropriate awards can be provided.

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