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Invention Disclosure

If you’re properly prepared for your invention disclosure meeting with your patent attorney, the patent application drafting process should take six to eight weeks. But if you’re not prepared, the application process could stretch for months, even a year. Not only that, an inventive feature could be missed which could compromise the strength of your patent.

Your time is valuable. So invest a few minutes to prepare for this meeting to save you hours down the road.

There are four simple steps to prepare:

1)  Take a few moments to ponder this question: How is your invention unique? What is the inventive concept? Think about it and write down the answer in a sentence or two.

2)  Answer this question: What’s the closest thing on the market related to your invention? If you don’t know of anything, that’s fine. But if you do, bring that information to your meeting.

3)  Look at your internal disclosure form. Has your invention changed any since the disclosure form was initially completed? If it has, let us know how. Also, are there any other materials such as requirement or product description documents that are not listed on the form? If there are, send those to your patent attorney prior to the meeting.

4) If your invention is specific to software, does your invention use any third party software or devices? List these as well.

If you follow these four simple steps, you’ll have a successful disclosure meeting with your patent attorney.