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Licensing & Acquisition

IP Ownership/Licensing Clearance Review for Products or Services

It can be important that a company owns or has a license to all IP used in a product or service of that company. Accordingly, all product designs should be audited early in the design cycle for IP ownership and/or licensing. This should be completed before detailed design is initiated and again prior to launch of the product. For sugegstions, refer to the guidelines provided within this section.

In-Bound Licensing of IP

Where the ownership of IP is not possible, a company can obtain a written license to such IP with terms that provide the company rights to modify and distribute such IP worldwide for as long as reasonably required to support any respective product in which the IP is included.

For acquisition or licensing-in of third party IP, a company can develop a process supported by checklists, reviews and approvals, etc. The In-Bound IP Licensing Checklist provided in the guidlines of this section is a start on developing a process/infrastructure to attend to in-bound IP licensing issues.