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Protecting Company Confidential Information

Confidential Information plays an important role in business competitiveness and success. It is also necessary to ensure protection of company trade secrets under state or federal laws. These laws require that a company’s confidential information is subject to reasonable efforts to maintain its secrecy. Accordingly, the following practices should be considered.

  1. General safeguarding. All confidential information of a company should be restricted from the view of the public – i.e., only those that have agreed to keep it confidential should be allowed to view the information. Reasonable efforts should be made to protect trade secrets.
  2. Safeguarding of electronic information. Access to computer systems containing confidential information should be restricted to only those that are under an obligation to keep the information confidential. Employees’ logins and passwords should not be shared with others.
  3. Restricted distribution. Distribution of confidential information should be restricted to those who have a legitimate business need to know it whenever feasible.