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Technology & Invention Documentation

Under some circumstances, it can be very important to establish the priority and substance of a company's innovations in a special writing, such as in a laboratory notebook or an invention disclosure form.

An example of when it would be important to claim priority is when a company is disclosing a new technology development initiative, design, or innovation to an outside entity (such as customers, sub-contractors, development partners or collaborators), or when the invention is believed to be extraordinary.

The documentation of a company’s innovations should be prepared before the initial disclosure to the outside entity and continuously throughout the period of interaction with the entity.  This should be done even if the disclosure is covered under a confidentiality agreement. In such circumstances, the company’s innovations can be documented in writing in as much detail as possible, contemporaneously with or as early as possible after conception, and prior to disclosure of the innovation. The documentation should be date stamped and a copy should be retained in the company records.