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Trademark & Domain Name Registration/Protection

A trademark coordinator can be responsible for coordinating the registration of trademarks and domain names for the company.

All strategic trademarks and domain names should be registered in all jurisdictions they are used in. To avoid poaching of company trademarks in foreign jurisdictions, any such registrations should be initiated prior to use of the mark or domain name in any respective jurisdiction.

The basic procedure for registration of trademarks include the following steps, which can be coordinated through your company’s legal department.

  • Estimates of the filing costs for the desired trademark and domain name registrations can be obtained from outside IP counsel. Examination costs, subsequent to filing, are normally not included as they are variable.
  • Internal sign off for the registration expenditures can be obtained from the owner of the trademark or domain name budget.
  • After approval of the estimate, the outside IP counsel should be instructed to initiate the filing for registration of the desired trademarks and domain names.
  • The trademark coordinator should update the company trademark and domain name database to reflect the application for registration.
  • The trademark coordinator should work with the outside IP counsel to complete the registrations, and update the database as the registration(s) progress.

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