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On Demand: Analytics Excellence Webinars

Patent analytics can be useful in a variety of ways – Whether you are looking for information to drive patent prosecution strategy, deciding whether or not to pay an annuity fee, or valuing patent assets.  In this webinar series, analytics professionals from the Schwegman firm, Black Hills IP, and their respective clients show how consistent and reliable analytics can help decision makers come to better conclusions in less time.

Using Patent Portfolio and Filing Trend Analytics to Help Guide Portfolio Development

This webinar will explore the use of patent portfolio and filing trend analytics to understand technology trends, competitor patent strategy trends, and to identify valuable patent families. (4/5/17)

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Patent Prosecution Analytics
Using Patent Prosecution Analytics to Determine Prosecution Efficiency

Patent prosecution analytics are remarkably helpful in identifying efficient and inefficient patent prosecution tactics, and also highly revealing of which patents a competitor values most. Watch this presentation to learn how to use patent analytics to achieve these objectives. (3/8/17)

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Patent Annuity Decision Tool
Using Analytics as a Patent Annuity Decision Tool

Should we keep it or abandon it? It's not always a simple decision. Learn the best practices for the annuity payment decision process and how patent analytics can help assist annuity decision makers. (2/8/17)

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Patent Value Analytics
Patent Value Analytics: Algorithms and Applications

Our panel discusses various practices for valuing patent assets that are used in M&A situations, annuity decisions and portfolio management process, licensing, and other scenarios. (1/18/17)

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Patent Annuity Service Pricing
Deconstructing Patent Annuity Service Pricing

In this webinar, we walk through how annuity providers price their services, how to compare fees between annuity payment services, and how to reverse engineer the provider charges from the total fee. (12/8/16)

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Examiner and Art Prosecution Analytics
Examiner and Art Unit Prosecution Analytics: Useful or Misleading?

Join us as we drill down on the different types of patent examination analytics and whether they are reliable and informative enough to drive prosecution strategy. (11/9/16)

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