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On Demand: Docketing Excellence Webinars

Docketing paralegals, managers, and patent attorneys all know that docketing is a critical function for any successful patent prosecution operation. If not handled properly, docketing can be an area of major risk for law firms and corporations. For this series, we pooled together docketing professionals from the Schwegman firm, Black Hills IP, and their respective clients to help educate on key docketing challenges and share best practices on how to overcome them.

Handling Patent Opposition Proceedings Docketing in Europe

Patent opposition proceedings are not uncommon in Europe, but not common enough for most US docketers to get comfortable with. Learn more about the critical dates for docketing a patent opposition in Europe. (4/19/17)

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Best Practices for Docketing the Validation Process in Europe

Because validation in the Europe involves spawning multiple new files, docketing can be a challenge. Learn about best practices for docketing the validation process. (4/12/17)

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Understanding Docketing for the Appeal Process in China, Korea and Japan

Docketing appeals in Asian countries is complicated by the differences between each country, and variations in the nomenclature used by different foreign associates. This program will compare and contrast the appeal process in each country. (3/29/17)

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Tricky Chinese Patent Office Deadlines
Tricky Chinese Patent Office Deadlines & Procedures

While China has a highly regular prosecution process, some of their docketing requirements can be puzzling without a comprehensive understanding of the underlying process. This program will provide insight into these tricky requirements. (3/15/17)

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Difficult European Patent Office Communications
The Most Difficult European Patent Office Communications to Docket

The EPO can be one of the hardest patent offices to docket for. This program identifies the variable processes/communications that most often cause heartburn for docketing professionals. (3/1/17)

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Calculate Due Dates in EP and China
The Right Way to Calculate Due Dates in Europe and China

If you are docketing in Europe or China, you may notice that calculated due dates don't match the dates given by your foreign associate. In this program, we dive into foreign docketing myths and misconceptions and how to properly docket these due dates. (2/15/17)

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Annuity Payment Failure Modes
Annuity Payment Failure Modes

Annuity docketing errors are renowned for exposing law firms to extreme liability. But these errors usually don’t occur where one would expect. Learn the sources of the most serious annuity docketing errors and how to avoid them. (1/25/17)

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Double Docketing best practices
Best Practices and Options for Double Docketing

Double docketing remains one of the best tools for risk mitigation in docketing operations. In this webinar, we discuss the most common options for double docketing and how it can avert catastrophic mistakes. (1/11/17)

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Docketing Optional US Prosecution Procedures
Best Practices for Docketing Optional US Prosecution Procedures

With a wide array of optional procedures to take advantage of, U.S. docketing has become much more complicated in recent years. In this webinar, you will learn about best practices for docketing the latest optional procedures. We also discuss docketing for the First Action Interview Pilot Program, the AFCP, the P3 and the Pre-Appeal procedures, as well as the PPH and Track 1 examination. (12/14/16)

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Common US Docketing Mistakes
Common US Docketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

US docketing has become increasingly complex and varied due to an explosion in prosecution options and new post grant review options. Also, with the added pressures to reduce costs, there's potential for critical deadlines or key opportunities to fall through the cracks. In this webinar, we discuss these challenges and how to reliably docket them. (11/30/16)

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Docketing Prosecution for Corporate IP Departments
Docketing Prosecution for Corporate IP Departments that Outsource

The docketing required by a corporate IP department that does not perform prosecution is often very different from those that do. This program discusses these differences and the best options for your department. (10/26/16)

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Missing Paris Convention PCT National Stage
Deadly Mistakes: Missing Paris Convention and PCT National Stage Foreign Filing Deadlines

Most firm managers and foreign filing paralegals live in absolute fear of mishandling foreign filing deadlines. This presentation discusses common causes and practical steps for disaster avoidance. (10/12/16)

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IP Management System Data Integrity
IP Management System Data Integrity: How to Ruin the Reliability of your IP Data

If a high percentage of the data in a corporate IP management system is not reliable, essentially all the data becomes unusable. In this webinar, we discuss common data update process control mistakes and how these mistakes can eviscerate the reliability of corporate data. (9/28/16)

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Top Three Patent Docketing Vulnerabilities
Top Three Patent Docketing Vulnerabilities and Unrecoverable Dates

Do you know the top three docketing vulnerabilities and unrecoverable dates? Check out this webinar to find out and learn the best practices to avoid, mitigate and/or remediate any resulting errors. (9/14/16)

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