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On-Demand: Practical IP for Life Sciences

The collision of new technologies and patent statutes of a by-gone era have led the Courts of the United States into new and uncharted territories. The Courts are wrestling to apply 1952 statutes to advances in computers, software, biotechnology and genetic medicine, and the fall-out has spread across all technologies. “New” judge-made law has been spawned from “old” established principles. Chemical patent law is no longer cut and dried. Biology has morphed into biotechnology with exciting medical/genetic advances that are denied patent protection by recent judge-made law. Even claims to polymer technology are not immune from the judges’ arm wrestling opinions.

In this complimentary webinar series, the Schwegman bio/chem legal team provide practical tips to companies and universities looking for an understanding of this legal maze. We explore and discuss current views of the law as applied to real situations, point out claim language that was acceptable in the past but now is not, and will suggest possible workarounds. We also apply the “new rules” to prosecution, opinion practice and defending and asserting patents in IPR.

#9 - Biosimilars: Patentable Approaches and Surveillance

Are Biosimilars fast becoming the same as pharmaceutical generics; lowest cost and lowest price wins? (11/08/2018)

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Resurgence of Competent Opinions
#8 - Resurgence of Competent Opinions a la Halo

Join Jim Nelson in this webinar as he discusses the major court decisions in the opinion practice, including the change of direction since the Halo decision. (6/15/2018)

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#7 - Top Five Court Decisions Impacting Future IP Litigation

Warren Woessner takes a look back at the most important IP decisions of 2017-2018 and evaluates their effect on practice in the life sciences arena. (5/17/2018)

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Practical IP Overcoming Licensing Issues for Universities
#6 - Overcoming Licensing Issues for Universities

University licensing of IP can help fund research and development, provide financial incentives to faculty inventors, create start-ups, and promote collaboration with established corporations. (2/15/17)

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Top 3 IP Issues
#5 - Top 3 IP Issues for Corporations and Universities

Universities and corporations often deal with inventors who are semi-independent or have gone on to other employment. What does the University or Corporation need to assure its rightful ownership of inventions made by such inventors? (2/01/18)

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Claim Scope & Application Support
#4 - U.S. vs. International: Claim Scope and Application Support

Important jurisdictions such as China, Europe and Japan differ from the U.S. in what support is necessary in the specification for the full scope of your claims, and the type of written description support needed to amend claims. For this webinar, we’ve surveyed foreign associates to find out what your application needs to avoid potentially narrow claims in these foreign jurisdictions. (12/14/17)

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#3 - 5 Tips: Patent Prosecution for Polymer Technology

Obtaining patent protection for chemical inventions directed towards polymers can present different issues compared to other chemical inventions. In this webinar, we take a look at some considerations when drafting these patent applications. (11/9/17)

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Practical IP Chemical
#2 - How to Maximize Protection: Patenting Inventions Including Chemical Features

Obtaining patent protection for inventions including chemical features has important differences from other subject matter, such as different standards of predictability in the application of prior art. Learn how to maximize your chances of obtaining broad protection. (10/5/17)

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#1 - Post Myriad: 5 Patent Prosecution Tips

The Courts and the Patent Office have come down hard on natural products and diagnostic methods. In this presentation, we provide suggestions and guidance on how to optimize your chances of obtaining commercially valuable and defensible patent claims. (8/24/17)

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