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Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner Earns Mansfield Certification

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner is proud to announce that we have achieved Mansfield Certification.

Mansfield Certification, facilitated by Diversity Lab, recognizes the structural changes and actions we have taken over 18 months to support our longstanding efforts to foster diversity.  As Pamela Huff, Firm Principal and Chair of Schwegman’s DEI Steering Group, explains, “The Mansfield process provides a framework for keeping track of who we’re considering for leadership roles and for other opportunities.  This allows us to examine our data so that we can be highly intentional in making inclusive decisions and assessing our actions.” 

Why Mansfield is Important
The goal of Mansfield is to increase and sustain diversity in law firm leadership through a process that promotes accountability, transparency, and knowledge-sharing. A diverse leadership helps foster inclusive and equitable decision-making, which benefits our firm as a whole as well as our clients.

How We Put Mansfield into Action
The data tracking that we implemented during our Mansfield certification helps us to effectively and transparently assess how we support our colleagues.  By using the data to help understand how we are providing opportunities, such as client pitches, award nominations, promotion consideration, and the like, we can better hold ourselves accountable in our pursuit of creating a diverse and effective firm leadership.

Together with our Mansfield Certification, we are also launching several affinity groups within our firm.  These affinity groups aim to provide a supportive space to foster community for our colleagues within the firm by acknowledging a variety of needs and goals for an inclusive work environment. Paralegal Kasie Grover and Office Services Coordinator Brian Ingalsbe, both members of our firm’s DEI Steering Group, have taken on a leading role in developing the affinity groups. Kasie explains, “I think it’s important to foster both connection and conversation to provide a happy and healthy work environment.”

Brian adds, “Seeing the ideas, directions, and overall thoughtfulness of [the affinity group] leaders is inspiring. I know that these affinity groups will help others find solidarity and belonging within our culture.”

In addition to the affinity groups, our DEI efforts include the recent launch of an online certification program (“SLW Academy”) with the goal of expanding access and fostering interest in Intellectual Property (IP) law. The SLW Academy aims to reach high school students, engineering students, and law students.  

Principal and Diversity Steering Group Member Piers Blewett explains, “In addition to providing students with courses to build proficiency in IP concepts, the SLW Academy provides practical ‘real world’ advice to help students navigate their career options and become sought after, productive members of an IP team.”

Within the community, Schwegman has been involved with events and organizations supporting diversity such as the Women in Tech  in San Jose, CA, The Advocates for Human Rights, Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom, LGBTQ+ Bar Lavender Law Conference & Career Fair,  Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association Gala, ChIPS Global Summit for Women in Tech, Law and Policy, Hispanic National Bar Association, Bexar County Women’s Bar Association, and the Innovator Diversity Pilots Conference.

We are strongly motivated to continue to act and achieve results.

Schwegman’s Recruiting, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Holly Cosentino notes, “Throughout the entire process of getting Mansfield certified, it was so refreshing to see people in the firm jump on board. I look forward to continuing our many efforts to support and encourage diversity within our firm and in the community.”

As Principal Andre Marais explains, “Mansfield Certification reflects our commitment to fostering a culture of belonging and excellence for all our attorneys and staff. But we know there is still much work to be done, and we are determined to build on this progress and continue DEI efforts across the firm.”


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