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Blue Ocean (White Space) Maps

Identify Open Spaces in the Patent Landscape – Determine the Density of Prior Art for Each of a Group of Ideas Related to a Technology of Interest

What is it?

Blue Ocean Maps show, in matrix map form, the density of prior art for each of the concepts analyzed, and in turn the opportunity for patenting and where innovation in a technology space could be commercially fruitful and benefit the
company. A drill-down matrix view of results provides a high-level visual overview with drilldown on results.

Value Proposition
  • Align development with ”open” IP space
  • Gain insight into the state of the art
  • Avoid reinventing existing technologies
  • Target areas open to patenting
  • Results delivered in an engineer-friendly format
Process and Cost
  • Define scope of blue ocean project by defining key ideas to be investigated
  • Perform searches to identify most relevant prior art references – 50 of the earliest
    references per idea
  • Load references into ClaimScape® and tag ideas to specific portions of each
  • Generate panoramic maps from ClaimScape