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Managing the Drafting and Filing of US Applications
Understand how corporate IP departments assign and distribute disclosures to outside counsel, track the status of applications, and perform quality reviews of outside counsel’s work.
South Korea
Need to decide if you should file patent applications abroad? In this advanced webinar series, we'll take a look at strategies and best practices for key countries outside of the United States.

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner

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Looking for educational content on intellectual property? The Schwegman firm has developed the SLW Institute,
aimed to deliver educational and training content in a variety of ways for you to advance your IP knowledge.


Attend interactive live and on-demand presentations lead by experts in the industry.  In these complimentary webinars, our goal is to provide practical solutions to the sometimes complex IP matters. Topics range from docketing, patent analytics, patent strategy, and analysis of specific industries.

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IP Playbook

Check out our IP Playbook for content that breaks down the patent prosecution process and potential roadblocks to overcome when it comes to IP matters. Our extensive library of materials includes written content, instructional videos, and operational checklists.

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