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Portfolio Curation

Customized Curation of a Portfolio According to Unique Client Needs

What is it?

Portfolio Curation is customized to the needs of the client and is performed according to a standardized methodology employing professional judgement and proprietary software tools. Curation organizes and classifies patents in a portfolio by product/technology, importance and value relative to a company’s business, strategy and goals. Curation parameters such as the selection of classifications and ranking factors are specified by the client.

Value Proposition
  • Identify valuable patents for cultivation, assertion, licensing or strategic positioning
  • Valuation of portfolio provides an ROI metric useful for adjusting investment in the portfolio
  • Identify misaligned assets to be disposed of or dropped from renewals rolls
  • Find valuable patents held by competitors or others in a given technology space for tactical awareness or acquisition
Process and Cost
  • Scoping of project and identification of key project deliverables
  • Identification of technology and product categories meaningful to the company managers
  • Determination of any special ranking considerations
  • Automated and hands-on categorization and ranking of patents and applications in the portfolio
  • Generation of reports based on the rankings and categorizations