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Patent Prosecution

Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner attorneys know how to build patents to give you outstanding coverage. We know how to concentrate our efforts for the optimal use of your time and resources. Our patents are held to a consistently high level of quality whether you need us to produce one or one hundred. Our attorneys use the same best practices and sophisticated technology to prepare every patent we file.

Recent recognition

In IAM’s 2020 edition of IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals (Law Business Research), the firm was listed nationally in the prosecution category. In addition, the firm received attention at the state level for Minnesota and California. For the state of Minnesota, the Schwegman firm was listed as “Highly recommended” for prosecution. Additionally for Minnesota, the firm was listed in the category of transactions. Looking to the West Coast, IAM selected Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner as “Recommended” in the prosecution category for California. 

Are your patents complete?

The stringency required for patent applications is increasing while IP budgets stay flat or tighten. Now case law requires disclosure of not only prior art, but also office actions and foreign prosecution documents. At SLW our advanced technology allows us to ensure that these items are included without increasing your cost.

Are your patents efficient?

Our firm captures and retains 100% of prosecution history, including the claims associated with each patent, in an interactive and searchable database. Our ClaimTrackerTM software saves attorney time (as much as 25%) and allows us to spend more of our time applying knowledge and delivering a high quality product.

Are your patents smart?

Our attorneys and clients can use our databases to obtain a graphic overview of the history of claims, interactively review file histories, or study the citation history of prior art. We also offer online access to your files and reports. Our technology keeps track of all prior art and communication for any of your patents and connects your related cases, so if you need a question answered or a similar patent filed, we’re ready right away.

Our attorneys, staff and advisors are clear communicators who enjoy working with inventors, engineers, designers and other members of your company. The combination of our expertise, easy-to-work-with style, use of best practices, and innovative technology helps us pursue high-quality patents efficiently.

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