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Competitive Patent Landscape and SWOT Analysis

Customized Ontologies, Patent Landscape Selection and SWOT

What is it?

A custom Patent Landscape and SWOT Analysis is tailored to the product space and competitive landscape of the client. Mapping ontologies are customized to the client’s needs and preferences in consultation with client’s legal and/or engineering team. The analysis organizes and classifies patents in a landscape by product/technology, importance and value relative to a company’s business, strategy and goals.

Value Proposition
  • Gain strategic competitive insight into the relative strengths and weaknesses of the patent positions of competitors in a technology space.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of a company’s patent position in order to help optimize patent and product strategy.
  • Identify possible acquisition or partnering opportunities and/or potential licensing requirements.
Process and Cost
  • Scoping of project and identification of key project deliverables
  • Identification of technology and product categories/ontology
  • Determination of any special ranking considerations
  • Automated and hands-on categorization and ranking of patents and applications in the portfolio
  • Generation of Reports based on the rankings and categorizations