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Product Coverage Analysis and Mapping

Overlay a Company’s Patent Portfolio on its Product Space to Determine Strength and Weaknesses in IP Coverage

What is it?

A product coverage analysis correlates a company’s patent portfolio with its product/technology space to determine strengths and vulnerabilities in a company’s IP coverage. SLW’s unique coverage maps allow engineers and scientists to readily determine how each patent and application in the company’s portfolio applies to specific products and product features.

Value Proposition
  • Identify strengths and vulnerabilities in patent coverage of a company’s product
  • Determine areas most vulnerable to competitive threat
  • Develop strategies to fill gaps in IP coverage
  • Gain awareness of enforcement opportunities
Process and Cost
  • Client identifies products of interest
  • Company patents are reviewed and patents applicable to the products are
    identified and mapped on products using ClaimScape®
  • Interactive “panoramic” claim map is generated and delivered to client