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An Innovative Software Developer Speaks: Patents are Important

With the constant drumbeat of negative comments on the patent system by software interests, the reality of the value of software patents for innovative companies can often get lost in the shuffle.  Occassionally, a more realistic view makes its way into the press from a software developer who sees value, despite the costs, in patents for at least innovative companies.   In this instance, John Melonakos, CEO & Co-fonder of AccelerEyes, comments on the importance of patents to startups that are inventing new ways of doing things, in this recent blog posting:

Among other things, John offers in his post:

“Patents can offer valuable business leverage, offering a limited-time monopoly to those that invent and go through the patent process.  Several of the founders of AccelerEyes were granted a patent late last year, which we first filed in 007. It can take a LONG time for patents  to actually be reviewed and granted. We view our patent as very important to our business, offering us the limited monopoly to monetize our inventions.  Of course, this is all independent of how I think the political system with respect to software patents should evolve. My point is simply to say that independent of one’s views on the system, the reality is that software patents should definitely be considered by startups inventing new ways of doing things, due to the valuable business benefits, competitive protection, and tangible asset.”


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