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Announcing “Mueller on Patent Law” from Fastcase

Guest post from Chisum Patent Academy:

The Chisum Patent Academy is pleased to announce the January 2021 publication of the two-volume practitioner treatise, Mueller on Patent Law, in print and electronic formats. The treatise is authored by our co-founder, Janice M. Mueller, and updated annually. A comprehensive yet accessible two-volume work, this well-organized resource provides concise and timely access to U.S. patent law in the twenty-first century. Rather than a historical encyclopedia, Mueller’s treatise is a carefully curated guide to understanding the current state of patent law and how it has developed during the Federal Circuit’s tenure.

Volume I focuses on the requirements for patentability, both pre- and post-America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA), as well as patent prosecution procedures. Volume II covers patent enforcement and validity challenges, including AIA-implemented post-issuance USPTO review. Both volumes emphasize the criticality of patent claim drafting and interpretation.

The Mueller treatise is available in print (individual volumes or as a set) from Full Court Press, the imprint of Fastcase. The treatise is also available electronically on the Fastcase legal research platform. Purchasers of the print treatise enjoy complimentary electronic access and vice versa.

Special Pricing: The Academy is pleased to offer our alumni and friends a 33% introductory discount for single copy purchases or electronic subscriptions. Use the coupon code 35USC at checkout in the Fastcase store or in the Fastcase on-line legal research service. Those who want to purchase multiple copies for their organization can arrange a 50% discount by emailing

To review the detailed table of contents for each volume, click here:

Volume I Table of Contents

Volume II Table of Contents


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