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China and U.S. Rank Even in Wireless Communication Patent Applications Worldwide Through October 2020

According to a study released November 19, 2020 by Incopat, China and the U.S. are running even on worldwide wireless communication patent application publications from January to October 2020.  Specifically, in the field of H04W (wireless communication networks), which includes 5G, China and the U.S. both have 32% of the worldwide published patent applications. Japan comes in third with 15%. The top Chinese filer was Huawei with 8,607 published patent applications and the top U.S. filer was Qualcomm with 5,807 published patent applications.

The top 10 filers from January 2020 to October 2020 were:

Rank Company Country Number
1 Huawei China 8607
2 Qualcomm U.S. 5807
3 OPPO China 5353
4 Ericsson Sweden 3997
5 Samsung Korea 3471
6 LG Korea 3104
7 NTT Japan 1925
8 ZTE China 1628
9 VIVO China 1518
10 Nokia Finland 1367

The top 100 companies on the list are mainly from 11 countries, organizations or regions, with the United States accounting for 32%, China accounting for 32%, followed by Japan accounting for 15%, South Korea accounting for 7%, and Germany and the Netherlands accounting for 4%. , France accounting for 2%, Finland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Canada each accounting for 1%.

Note though in most cases there is an 18-month delay in publication from priority date so the numbers above mostly represent applications filed in 2019.

Principal, and Director of the China Intellectual Property Practice

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