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Chinese Trademark Office Announces Rejections of Malicious Epidemic-Related Trademark Applications

In follow up to the notice of February 27, 2020 cracking down on malicious epidemic-related trademark applications, the Chinese Trademark Office has announced the rejection of 63 malicious trademarks for the names of Wuhan hospitals and other epidemic-related marks and 37 malicious trademarks for “Li Wenliang,” one of the Wuhan doctors that initially warned of the virus and later succumbed to it.

List of Rejected Trademark Applications for “Li Wenliang”

The Li Wenliang trademarks involve 14 applicants in 15 goods/services. The hospital trademarks involve 41 applicants in 23 goods/services. The Trademark Office rejected the trademark applications under Article 10 (8) of the Trademark Law, which states that marks “harmful to socialist morality or have other adverse effects” cannot be registered.

There is no word yet on specific penalties, if any, the Chinese Trademark Office will impose on the IP agencies and/or applicants of these marks.

Principal, and Director of the China Intellectual Property Practice

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