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Claim Drafting Strategies for Multiple Dependent Claims in EP

Multiple claim dependencies can present a challenge even for experienced European practitioners. This webinar presents a logical way to address this challenge. Dr. John Collins discusses how to map out a plan in an organized, structural way, in order to diagnose the important coverage that may be available. Aimed at U.S. practitioners, this presentation discusses how to create a map to aid one’s thought process. Multiple dependencies are important in international practice, and not just in Europe. It is smart to incorporate them into drafting U.S. provisionals right from the start.

This webinar is presented by Dr. John Collins. John is a UK and European patent attorney and UK trademark attorney based in the UK office of Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner, P.A. He has considerable experience in proceedings before the European Patent Office, including oppositions and appeals. He also has litigation experience in both the UK and the USA. Schwegman principal Greg Stark moderates.

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