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Episode 03: How to Make and Use FTO Maps & Analysis, Product Coverage Analysis and Maps

Schwegman’s interactive claim maps allow engineers and scientists to readily determine how each design choice affects possible infringement issues; these maps also allow rapid design iteration without costly re-analysis. Product coverage maps can allow engineers and scientists to readily determine how each patent and application in a company’s portfolio applies to specific products and product features. In this webinar, our panel discusses how this Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis and product coverage analysis can be created and put to practical work.

These tools can help you:

  • Design around competitor patents using rapid “what-if” product feature configuration using interactive FTO map
  • Avoid unnecessary infringement suits and allegations
  • Align development with “open” IP space
  • Enhance ability to develop patentable technology
  • Identify strengths and vulnerabilities in patent coverage of a company’s product space
  • Determine areas most vulnerable to competitive threat
  • Develop strategies to fill gaps in IP coverage
  • Gain awareness of enforcement opportunities

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