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Exhibits for SAP v. Versata PTAB Trial on Wednesday

One of the benefits of the PTAB’s PRPS system that the materials for each trial are accessible online when filed by the parties (unless designated as protected materials).  If you intend to listen in on the SAP v. Versata PTAB CBM trial on Wednesday, you might benefit from having the SAP slides and the Versata slides to page through during the trial.  I published the dialup information on my last blog entry, but repeat it again for convenience:

(571) 270-3000

meeting ID number 28001#

password 7448#

It took a lot of hard work by the PTAB to set the stage for these AIA patent trials.  This case is very unique because it is the first covered business method PTAB trial, the issues were greatly simplified to accelerate the time to trial, and that the district court case is so advanced in the appeal.  Therefore, it may not be typical of how these trials will be conducted, but the patent bar is eager to learn more about how the PTAB will conduct these trials and will be watching.

Timothy Bianchi

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