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Fractus, S.A. Patent Reexaminations Ordered

In large patent litigations it has become more likely to see defendants request reexamination of the patents asserted.  Some of the advantages of doing so were outlined in prior posts.

Fractus, S.A., is a company headquartered in Spain that sells and licenses technology relating to fractal antennas.  Fractus asserted nine patents against a number of defendants last year.  Defendants Kyocera,  Samsung, and HTC have collectively requested inter partes reexamination of each of the asserted patents.  Reexaminations have been ordered for each patent and some merger considerations are being made to combine certain reexamination requests.  No first office actions appear to have been entered into Public PAIR on any of the 11 patent reexaminations as of today, but they should be coming shortly.

In case you are interested, the Fractus patent reexaminations include the following:

95/000586 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,397,431

95/000587 – Loaded Antenna – US Pat. 7,312,762

95/000588 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,394,432

95/000589 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,015,868

95/000590 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,411,556

95/000591 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,123,208

95/000592 – Space Filling Miniature Antennae – US Pat. 7,202,822

95/000593 – Space Filling Miniature Antennae – US Pat. 7,148,850

95/000595 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,528,782

95/001482 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,397,431

95/001483 – Multilevel Antennae – US Pat. 7,394,432

I will update this list over time because there are a few patents that have another reexamination request on file in the Patent Office and sometimes these requests are merged.

Timothy Bianchi

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