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Hillary Believes In The Patent System

Hillary Clinton has released a position paper: “Initiative on Technology and Innovation” which contains two paragraphs on actions she would promote to reduce litigation by trolls and strengthen the USPTO. She notes that the AIA set up the PTAB to support inter parties reexamination but would go farther and support stricter venue requirements and disclosure of the real parties in interest in patent litigation. With respect to the Office, the report states that fee diversion would be ended and procedures would be established to speed examination. While we have heard all this before, it is encouraging to see the (likely) next President acknowledge the value of the patent system. It is also encouraging that the report dos not mention the perceived “wrongs” of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry that she has mentioned while on the campaign trial. It is not clear that Trump has given any thought to our patent system. I invite any comments referencing policy positions he has taken in the areas of IP and innovation.


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