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More on Fractus Reexaminations

My earlier post had an incomplete list of the Fractus reexaminations.  A better compilation is found in a document titled:  Supplemental Notification of Concurrent Proceedings Pursuant to 37 C.F.R. §1.985  which is found in Reexam Control No. 95/001,414 (see item dated January 14, 2011 on Public PAIR at ).  The list of reexaminations is substantial and includes 27 control numbers over the nine Fractus patents.

The Patent Office has started merging the Fractus patent reexaminations.  For example, see Reexam Control No. 95/000,588 which includes a “Decision, Sua Sponte, To Merge Reexamination Proceedings,” dated March 17, 2011.  This decision merges Reexam Control Nos. 95/000,588, 95/001,483, and 95/001,500.  All of these reexaminations pertain to Fractus’ U.S. Pat. No. 7,394,432.

Timothy Bianchi

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