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PTAB PRPS Trials Portal Gets Software Improvements

The PTAB PRPS Trials Portal just got better.  If you login to the system (depending on what browser you are using), you will see that PRPS now provides much better access to all public documents in each case.  This upgrade replaces the more clunkier version of the website and allows for ready access to the public documents associated with a case.  Before the improvement, it was common with current browsers to find it difficult to view subsequent screens of documents.  This is fixed in the recent upgrade, making the system much easier to use.

The system is showing 35 petitions to date:  10 CBM and 25 IPR.  In speaking with my colleagues there is a lot of interest in how the petitions are being drafted and even more curiosity how the trials will be instituted and conducted.  I will address some strategies for petitions in future posts.


Timothy Bianchi

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