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SLW Institute Presents Patent Analytics Webinar Series

The SLW Institute began its 8-episode webinar series on Patent Analytics.  The first webinar was entitled “Techniques and Analytics for Identifying Valuable Patents and Patents to Abandon” on April 16, 2020 with subsequent webinars every two weeks.  The panel was comprised of Schwegman, Lundberg and Woessner experienced professionals including Steve Lundberg, Principal & Chief Innovation Officer; Janal Kalis, FTO & Patent Analytics Expert; Thomas Marlow, President, Renewals of Black Hills IP and former Chief Patent Counsel of Fairchild Semiconductor; Tyler Nasiedlak, Principal & Former Chief Product Counsel of Guidant Corporation/Boston Scientific and Mark Stignani, Analytics Chair and Firm Compliance Officer and former Chief Patent Counsel of Thomson.

The webinar discussed key concepts in patent value, the difficulty in proactively managing a patent portfolio, but through simple and effective approaches combined with “eyeballs on” review can yield strong results.  Discussions included cross-functional teams, mapping claim coverage to company products and competitor products while considering jurisdiction and age of patents; tagging and classification of a portfolio, including tagging of inventions and disclosures with combined revenue and profit databases; dispositive matrixes; speed and citation analytics for both good and bad patents; automation of USTO patent term calculation as well as a broad array of useful tools across patent search, patent analytics and patent drafting.

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