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The Positive Psychology of Mentoring: How To Find A Good Mentor, How To Be A Good Mentor

A mentor can teach other attorneys how to be successful beyond what they can learn from a book. But how do you create a positive mentoring relationship? Join us as Dr. David Farrar of Koliso | The Psychology of Business explains how to develop psychological safety, trust, and rapport. Dr. Farrar will also show how to build psychological capital, which is the ability to transfer learning to new environments through hope, optimism, resilience, and efficacy. Dr. Farrar will leverage his experiences as a trained psychologist, senior executive and civil rights commissioner to make this an engaging and productive event.

Attendees will leave the session knowing:

  • How to initiate a mentoring relationship
  • The psychological model for finding a good mentor and being a good mentor
  • How to effectively mentor underrepresented groups
  • A productive check in model that helps keep the relationship safe and productive for both people

Learning how to offer psychological safety and build psychological capital can make you a personable, popular, and productive mentor. Further, mentoring is an extremely effective way to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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