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USPTO to Issue new 101 Guidance Today!

Very much looking forward to the new guidance on 101 from the USPTO.  I am very encouraged that the USPTO is going to take a leadership role in leading our country out of the 101 “Alice in Wonderland” era.  Software 101 jurisprudence is probably the most absurdly vague, inscrutable and unpredictable body of law in the entirety of the US legal system.  Worse yet, the weakening of the patent system has done absolutely nothing to help start ups.  On the contrary, it has most likely accelerated the decline of tech start-ups.  Ultimately, that can’t be good news for the U.S.

So, let’s hope the USPTO can help the U.S. put the Section 101 chaos of the last few years behind us once and for all.

Principal & Chief Innovation Officer

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