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Competitive IP Intelligence

A company can utilize a process to monitor competitor IP protection activity to identify overreaching, and potentially invalid matters. Additionally, the identified IP can be challenged (including pro-actively) when it is determined to further business interests of the Company. In order to maximize a company’s IP opportunities and minimize IP risks, it can be important that R&D management maintain […]

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Notice & Marking Clearance Review for Products

The following notices and markings should be verified: All products should include all applicable patent markings or a proper markingURL. For further information, see the patent marking guidlines within this section. All products should include all applicable copyright notices. For more information, refer to the Copyright and Personality Right section of the SLW Institute. All required copyright […]

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The ability of a company to sell its products without interference can be an important factor to the company’s success. As a result, the company should make reasonable efforts to assure that its products are free from infringement of third party intellectual property. In particular, this includes the copyrights, patents or confidential information of third […]

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