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Domain Name Selection

It can be difficult to match domains with trademarks. One or the other may not be available.

Trademarks always take precedence when selecting a domain name and if a domain name is in conflict with a trademark, the owner of the trademark will normally be able to acquire ownership of the domain name. The primary goals of domain name selection are:

  • Selection of a domain name that is protected by a defensible trademark right owned by the company.
  • Selection of a domain name that allow for securing of any necessary corresponding international domain names.
  • Ability to acquire/register the domain in the US and foreign countries of interest.
  • Choice of a domain name that translates well into foreign languages of interest.

All domain names used by used by a company should take into consideration the selection and clearance process in accordance with the guidelines related to this section. No domain selection should be considered useable until it has been cleared by a search. Foreign domains rights should be considered for brands which will be used overseas.