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Data Monetization Webinar Series Now Available on Demand

In fall 2020, an SLW Institute webinar series explored the use of data monetization. Recordings of these webinars are now available on demand. At your convenience, you can view these complimentary presentations and hear guest speakers discuss timely issues about further uses for data. Topics range from an introduction to data monetization to the use of data in medical devices, manufacturing, autonomous vehicles and financial services. You’ll hear distinguished professionals discuss how data is being collected—and utilized—behind the scenes in many commonly used products and platforms. The series is moderated by Schwegman principals Steve Lundberg and Suneel Arora.

The six episodes include:

  • Episode 01 – Introduction to Data Monetization: Relationship between Monetization and Value. The first episode of the Data Monetization series examines the questions, what is data and how can you use it as a product? Guest speakers include Bill Schmarzo, author of “Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science”; Michael Gale, CEO of Inc. Digital, WSJ Best Selling Author of “The Digital Helix” and Forbes podcast host of “Futures in Focus”; and Dr. Manjeet Rege, Director of the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of St. Thomas.
  • Episode 02 – Data Monetization in Medical Device, Healthcare and Insurance. How does data monetization pertain to medical devices, healthcare, and insurance? The second episode of the series examines this question. You’ll hear from guest speakers Liz Fortier, Privacy Officer at LivaNova; Jote Taddese, Vice President at Rally Health; and Dr. Manjeet Rege, Director, Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of St. Thomas.
  • Episode 05 – Data Monetization in Autonomous Vehicles, Security & Surveillance. The automotive industry is dealing with new advanced technologies, new business models, new driver experiences and new strategic partnerships. Many times, these developments may be relevant to data monetization. Learn more about these changes and challenges from guest speakers Dr. Manjeet Rege and technologist Kaivan Kirimi.
  • Episode 06 – Data Monetization in Financial Services. The trust model for banking and financial services is evolving at a rapid pace. Banks as an institution build on trust: How does digital transformation change how people see them? Explore this question in the last episode of the series. Guest speakers Christopher Hohman and Dr. Manjeet Rege will discuss questions such as, what’s next for financial services? Who are the key disruptors to business as usual?

These webinar videos and presentation materials are available on the SLW Institute, on the Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner website. The SLW Institute provides complimentary resources to help you advance your IP knowledge. Here you can find webinars, blogs and IP Playbooks that cover a wide range of IP topics. We invite you to take a look, and keep an eye out for future webinar series in 2021.

To view the Data Monetization Webinar Series on demand, click here.

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