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IP Master Class #1 - Citations

Are you a patent practitioner that hasn’t brushed-up on proper citation practices since law school? If so, you’re certainly not alone. In this hour-long webinar, we’ll provide multiple examples of the most common mistakes made with citing documents in legal writing. Examples include:

– The structure of a citation: When is the short citation appropriate?
– In-line citation, footnoting, and end noting: Which one is proper for legal writing?
– Everyone is Named “Smith”: Citing to patent and non-patent references with the same author;
– Citing to patent literature, both patents and published applications;
– Citing to non-patent literature references, including electronic resources;
– Differences between in-line quotations and block quotations;
– Citation signals and their meanings;
– Slip Opinions: When is their citation appropriate?

These and other citation practices are a fundamental skill on which legal writing is based. This presentation is for any level of patent practitioner (attorney or agent, junior or senior) who could use a refresher on one of legal writing’s most overlooked disciplines.

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